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Broken Spring

Quick Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Services

If the springs of your garage door are broken or require replaced, allow our Garage Door Broken Springs Repair technicians to deal with it. Garage door broken springs can be quite dangerous for you and your residential or commercial property, and they should be replaced in every 5 to 6 years to avoid accidents and even death. Old garage door spring can cause your door to not malfunction, come off the track, and even fall off the hinges completely! It takes great care and cautions to replace the springs of your garage door, and our professional garage door broken spring repair technicians are continually trained about the most updated techniques, products and procedures to guarantee your general safety. Our well trained and skilled garage door repair technicians are insured, bonded and licensed to offer you the calm of knowing that you are in good hands always.

Torsion springs could be very dangerous!

The torsion springs are extremely dangerous and they should be handled only by a professional garage door torsion repair technician. To replace or repair torsion springs, you need to apply the force in two contradictory directions at the end of the spring and that will make it twist. They have caused a lot of fatal and serious injuries over the last few years to amateur people who tried to repair or replace the springs by themselves, so do not be added to that statistic! We are committed to keep the safety of your home and you our main priority. All our work is supported by a 90-days written guarantee, and we are available for 24*7 for all your garage door springs needs.